Nowhere you will get the epitome of peace, quiet ambiance and safety, then relaxing in your home or apartment.  Home is the ideal place for peaceful as well as a secure living. However, there are plenty of hazards to look out for from different sources besides the kitchen area. Especially, if you have just had window glass replacement DC, you need to be more attentive and careful to keep your family safe from any mishap.

To give you a stress-free life, we have compiled a list of three crucial tips which you need to follow to keep your dear ones protected from any of the glass replacement hazards:

Keep furniture away from the glass distance- Children and pets are more interested to see the outside view from the window. However, if they can access the windows and open them on own, they could be at the stake of getting hurt or chances are falling down and get severe injuries. To combat this risky situation, you need to move any heavy-weighted furniture like couches, bed or sofa to a safe distance from the frames, so they can’t get the support to climb up to them.

Regularly open and close the window- If there’s any danger you feel or see in your home or apartment, it is the window that allows you to escape, if you have no other option to protect yourself and your family. For instance, if you are on the top floor of your home and the fire is in downstairs, you will have no choice but to exit from a window. Thereby, it is very essential that the fragility of your window frames should function properly at that moment and don’t backstab you. Have you ever imagined that the ability of your window frames to quickly open could one day become the matter of life and death?

For its immediate function (properly and quickly open), regularly open and close the window to ensure your family’s safety.

Don’t forget to lock the window- If you have recently done the glass replacement Virginia of your home, you may be tempted to open your windows. However, this situation makes it quite easy to forget to re-lock the window frames, once you are ready to go outside. To prevent the risk of an intruder coming into your home, ask your window replacement contractor about windows with security latches, which allow you to open the panes for ventilation but prevent them from opening all the way.

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Get used too of these vital tips after window replacement to prevent your family from any incidents. Hiring an experienced window replacement contractor is the most reliable idea who will make you aware of its accurate usage and security terms.

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